SUIC provides programmes with single degree, double degrees, and elective double degrees for our prospective students.Students can have double degrees from both Silpakorn University and Birmingham City University (BCU), our collaborating partner university in UK, in the Bachelor of Fine arts. Students will take all courses in Bangkok by both SUIC and BCU’s instructors to achieve the double degrees.


On the other hand, for the elective double degree programme in Event and Leisure Marketing, students can choose either to study the 4th year at SUIC, they will graduate with a single-degree from SU or at ESC Rennes School of Business, France and achieve. However, the students need to pass the entry and graduation requirements to complete the final year of both degrees from SU and ESC Rennes School of Business as well.



With globalization, the inclination of workforce, cultural exchange, and mobilization among the Asian and international countries in various industries is at present of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

Thailand needs to advocate more skilful professionals effective in bilingual manpower to public and commercial sectors. Therefore, SUIC creates and conducts all programmes in English language to generate a workforce of professionals in business administration, marketing management, and digital communication design in creating competitive advantages under neo-liberalism and dynamic age.

This is the core issue in stimulating the country’s economy and enhancing international image in every business and industry, which in return will help its the country to gain sustainable socio-cultural and economic competencies.



We recognise the need of employers to have excellent graduates in their workforce. Therefore, SUIC offers programmes that not only prepare students with theoretical knowledge, but also the right industry connections and problem solving skills thereby helping students to obtain the right employment positions upon graduation.The professional development of students throughout their four years of study provides the right set of skills and experience to compete effectively upon graduation for desirable positions.

BFA in Digital Communication Design
The program provides various opportunities for employment relating to the visual design and media industry. These may include graphic design; photography; illustration; multimedia; video and sound production; television; publishing; the press and advertising. Students throughout their studies work on various projects with industry and make them an attractive proposition for employment.

BBA in Event and Leisure Marketing
ELM students will have at least 450 hours of internship in Thailand or other countries during the first semester of  the third year in the real business practice of wide options of employment opportunities; such as governmental agencies, public departments, commercial companies, advertising houses, event production companies, convention and exhibition organizers, and more. This will positively enhance not only the authentic experience of students but also a strong capability to apply and enter into the workforce after graduation.

MBA Programmes
The International Business and Hotel and Tourism Management programmes are designed to facilitate graduates’ transitions from their current positions to managerial levels. Graduates are able to apply managerial theory to real life operational environments and by doing so will enhance their career prospects. In particular, the International Business programme is ideal for managers already engaged in activities on an international basis, and also for those business executives who wish to develop professionally and improve their promotional aspirations.



SUIC has achieved various awards and recognition from many national and international competitions. They are evidence of our quality of education provision which encourages us to improve further in the future.

“SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD” at The AFECA Asia MICE Youth Challenge 2015 At Kualalumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia 11-13 November 2015
‘Golden Medal’ from Makro Hotel Restaurant Catering 2014
‘Gold Medal – Silver – Bronze’ Diploma of honour from Food and Hotel Thailand 2014
‘Gold Medal’ winning team at Thailand Culinary Academy at Perth, Australia 2013
‘Golden Medal’ Winners from Pattaya Food & Hotelier Expo 2012
‘Gold Medal’ from Thailand Chef Competition 2010
‘The 2nd Runner of Mr.andMs.University Contest’ from Thailand International Education Exhibition 2008
‘Silver – Bronze Medal’ from Culinary Gathering of Cook and Chef 2006