SUIC International Journal

SUIC International Journal is an academic journal of Silpakorn University International College (SUIC). It aims to create a platform for students, researchers, faculty members, and professional leaders to publish their works for academic and professional development.

SUIC International Journal is a quality academic journal in English language as a value-added “Pillar of SU’s Internationalization.”
Our Mission

First through establishing the Journal as an international standard global – oriented Business Journal covering the three key fields of academic focus at SUIC namely international business, hospitality and digital creativity. Second to create a platform for publishing research papers and articles by academicians, students, experts and professionals in the focus fields to generate the broadest flow of knowledge sharing.

Volume 1 Issue 1 (October 2017)
 Organizational Structure and Plans
Editorial Structure: Consisting or Managing Editors from SUIC Management Team, an Editorial Board, Editor-in-Chief and Focus Group Editors.
Peer Review Board: Made of academicians and experts appointed internally and externally.
Operations & Administration Unit: Responsible for coordinating the materials for publications, printing and distributions
Public Relations Unit: Responsible for managing the Journal website, promotions and marketing.
Publication: Two issues annually Material Resources: Academicians, students and professionals including contributions from partner institutions, and under peer-reviews.
TCI Compliance: The Journal will comply with the Thailand Citation Index (TCI) criteria.
Journal Page on SUIC Website: The Journal has its own website link on the SUIC website. The website gives both author guidelines and manuscript submission criteria.