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Student Activities

SUIC students have engaged into various activities throughout the year. Students can freely choose to take part in any academic activities, sports, social gaterings, exhibitions, project practice, and social responsibility.

Student Affairs Department
The student affairs department is basically responsible for all kinds of activities and services regarding the students, including the students’ welfare. For example, the project of financial support from the government, educational scholarships, the organizing of students’ activities, health services (first aid room located on the second floor of the office of the president building), entertainment services, military services, privilege cards etc.

Student Support Arrangement
1.0 Student Services
Student Services aims to assist students to complete their course successfully through specialist, professional services. SUIC Student Services now offers three services: Academic advisers, Student Welfare and Financial Advice, and Student Counselling.

1.1 Academic adviser
The University provides the advisers for the students each year. The advisers will give useful advice in academic affairs including registration, and withdrawal from cours and other academic issues for which the students might need support.

1.2 Student Welfare and Financial Advice
Student Welfare Officers provide information and guidance on all financial considerations, accommodation, and the immigration implications for international students, and student counselling.

1.2.1 Accommodation
The team will assist students to find appropriate accommodation. If students are renting private accommodation, they can come to see the student affairs advisor or the student affair officer for assistance into a verify the terms of the contract or tenancy agreement and any penalties they may apply.

1.2.2 International Students and immigration status 
SUIC will assist International Students with the documentation required for overseas students to obtain a student visa. Once in Thailand on a “student visa”, the student’s right to remain in the country, may be affected by changing or withdrawing from the course.

1.2.3 Financial Advice
a) Student Loans: Please contact the Students Affairs Officer for the form.
b) Grants: Please contact the Student Affairs Officer for the form.

1.3 Student counselling and Mental Health Support
Whilst studying at SUIC, students may encounter difficulties with university life, perhaps with their classes, assignments, finance, friends and relationships. Depending on the individual circumstance, SUIC will recommend appropriate specialist advice.

Interruption of Study 
A dissatisfied student will need to seriously consider the reasons for their discontent. For example, students may feel they have chosen an unsuitable course, students may be disappointed with their relations with other students, teachers or ‘student life’ in general, students may feel they cannot meet the various academic demands.
If students find themselves in one or more of these categories, they should consult with their advisers in the first instance. The options of transfer, of withdrawal from the course, or simply taking time out exits; however, consultations are required before making any decisions or recommendations.

2. Student Development
2.1 Seminars
SUIC offers various academic seminars, which are related to the fields of art and design. Seminars cover many topics and encourage students to observe different uses of media in many industries such as, documentary, film and design for future. Seminars can be located within the University or outside the University campus.

2.2 English Language Courses
SUIC also provides special English courses to develop English language skills for Thai and international students. There are two courses running every year. During May June and July, courses are offered for students who need to take intensive English, or for students who wish to improve their English skills before the academic year begins. Separate fees are required for intensive English language courses.

3. Student Committees
An annual election is arranged for 1-year student committees for undergraduate students of BBA and BFA programmes. They provide support and organise major students’ activities, for example:

Paint for Kids
The project “Paint for Kids” is aimed at creating awareness of social responsibility within a local community and to encourage students to provide a public service. The repainting of school buildings and facilities as a public service had a very successful outcome.

“Community Service Program”
Each year, the Student Committee will select a destination and perform a community service. Students went to the Sea Turtle Conservation Center at Sattahip to gain information about sea turtles and cleaning turtle ponds. After the ponds were cleaned, the students went to Rayong for more beach games and activities. On the second day, before returning to Bangkok, the students’ last mission was to clean the beach and help conserve the environment.

4. Health Services
The health service office is located on the second floor of the Office of the President’s building. It is open from 8.30 – 16.30. The nearest hospital is Siriraj Hospital, which is accessible by ferry from Phra Chan pier across The Chao Phraya River to Wang Lang pier.

5. Student Feedback
A. Students will be asked to complete evaluation form in each class at the end of the term. This can help SUIC’s management team evaluate every aspect of the lecturer’s method of teaching.
B. Students are encouraged to contribute their point of views and comments on the services offered including their opinions of SUIC’s website and Moodle.
C. Two students from each year will be voted by all students of that year to become class representatives and act as members of a Student Board. A meeting will be arranged every month for all members of the Student Board and the M.D.P. Board of Management. Students may wish to comment on a particular service, whether it be student welfare, student counselling, student support, or on the overall service. They should bring all points for discussion be raised at the meeting.