SUIC International Conference

SUIC International Conference

Our biennial international conference offers the opportunities for scholars from over the ASEAN region and other countries around the world to present and publish their works and articles. With different themes on fine arts, digital communication, design, hospitality, tourism, international business, event and leisure, marketing, and management, it echoes both contemporary and futuristic visions of academic applications from numerous perspectives.

5th SUIC International Conference 2019

# Proceedings Book 2019      Size
A New Paradigm of Management and Creativity  8.5 MB Download

SUIC’s 15th Anniversary Conference and Exhibition:
The 4th SUIC International Conference 2017

# Proceedings Book 2017      Size
The Integration of Art, Creativity, and Management  9 MB Download

The 3rd SUIC International Conference 2015

# Proceedings Book 2015     Size
The Trend of Global Business in the New Digital Era 6 MB Download