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SUIC believes that an academic programme should be specifically designed to give students the appropriate professional skills that are necessary to cope with the dynamic employment demands of modern society and thereby increasing students’ opportunities of success upon graduation.



The Joint Master Degree of Arts in Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management has been set in place by Silpakorn University International College and Institute of Conservation, University of Applied Arts Vienna, UNESCO Chair on Conservation and Preservation of Tangible Cultural Heritage in Austria.

The programme provides students with integrated theoretical and practical knowledge on conservation, cultural heritage and its preservation, and management, whilst enabling them to connect with experts worldwide. Students enrolled at Silpakorn University will have a compulsory study phase of 2 months in Vienna, Austria with focus on conservation practice and field trips while students enrolled at University of Applied Arts Vienna will join their classmates in Bangkok in the last semester of the programme. Students who meet the programme’s requirements will receive a joint Master Degree awarded by the two institutions.



Knowledge on conservation of cultural heritage is essential for preserving cultural artefacts for future generations. This degree programme is designed in response to the need for state-of-the-art, highly efficient and competitive workforce in this field. Silpakorn University in collaboration with Institute of Conservation, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria, provides a curriculum that offers students international experience as well as opportunities for staff exchange between Thailand and Austria. In reaching the programme’s objectives, graduates will be able to work and compete internationally in the much-required fields of cultural heritage and conservation.



  1.  Academics in the field of cultural heritage preservation, conservation and related areas of management
  2. Advisors in the field of cultural heritage preservation, conservation and related areas of management
  3. Public and private sector management executives related to the field of cultural heritage preservation and conservation
  4. Fine art conservators and restorers


  1. Bachelor Degree in Conservation / Restoration OR Master Degree in a discipline of the arts or any other related field to conservation / restoration.
  2. English Proficiency Test
English Proficiency Test
TOEFL IELTS TOEIC Oxford Online Cambridge English CUTEP Or

SUIC English Test

Equivalent to Level B1, Common European Framework
4 550

(Listening and Reading)

41 140 35 60 out of 100
* Students must have English proficiency scores equivalent to B1 and submit the results in order to be eligible to register for courses in the second semester.

*      English proficiency result should be valid within 2 years before the application.
**   Applicants who are citizens from English speaking countries and use English as their primary language are exempt from the English language requirements.

  1. Interview/Entrance Exam. 


Health and safety for Conservators Seminar on Cultural Heritage
Chemistry for Conservators Project and Site Management
Practicum in Conservation Cultural Heritage Management
English for Conservators Presentation and Communication Skills
Introduction to Conservation – Materials & Technology Southeast Asian Art and Cultural History
Conservation Science I Conservation Practice I
Conservation Science II Conservation Practice II
Documentation and Photography International Conservation Practice I
Preventive Conservation and Collection Care International Conservation Practice II
South East Asian Art and Cultural History International Projects – Conservation Campaigns (optional)
Western Art and Cultural History Conservation Theory and Methodology
Transcultural Reflections of Art Development Seminar on Cultural Heritage in Austria and Thailand
Project and Site Management Academic Writing for Conservators
Cultural Heritage Management Independent Study
ITEMS Year 1 Year 2
1st 2nd 1st 2nd
Tuition Fee 90,000 90,000 90,000 90,000
University Fee 5,000 4,000 4,000 4,000
Total 95,000 94,000 94,000 94,000


*      This including air ticket and accommodation in Austria.
**    SUIC reserves the right to change any fees without notice.
*** Students are responsible for any additional money transfer fees to Silpakorn University bank account

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