M.B.A. International Double Degree Programme


M.B.A. in Hotel and Tourism Management
 A Pillar of SU’s Internationalization

Silpakorn University International College (SUIC)
Silpakorn University (SU) was established in 1943 and is considered one of Thailand’s top public universities with over 20,000 students spread across 4 different campuses. Silpakorn offers degree programmes at both graduate and undergraduate levels in all major fields of study including: art and design, science, technology, health science, social science, management and music.

In 2003, Silpakorn University International College (SUIC) was founded in order to provide high quality English-driven undergraduate and graduate programmes. Currently SUIC specialises in providing double degree programmes in ‘Services’, ‘Business’ and ‘Art and Design’.

Vatel and Global Hospitality
Vatel, widely known as the “Prince of Cooks” and organiser of great feasts and galas for Louis XIV, the Sun King, inspired the Group to adopt his name. Vatel was a symbol not only of creativity, meticulousness and contentiousness, but also reminds us, if need be, that ever since the 17th century, France has been a worldwide reference in culinary arts and hospitality. Historically, France has been home to a rich and varied hotel and hospitality industry that has spread out on an international basis.

Today, the tourism and hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic economic sectors in the world. Confronted with the sharp growth, the profession has transformed itself into a complex and competitive industry, seeking qualified operational and senior executives to work in multicultural hotel management environments around the world. Vatel therefore transmits the art of French hospitality within each school to prepare the younger generation for a sustainable future in the demanding field and achieve their professional ambition.


The M.B.A. in Hotel and Tourism Management aims to give graduates the relevant skills and expertise to compete effectively at an international level. The programme has been designed to prepare qualified graduates and provide managerial competencies required for the impacts of globalisation and the integration of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).The M.B.A. in Hotel and Tourism Management will create a pool of highly-skilled employees related to the hotel and tourism industry with an emphasis on supervisory and managerial positions, provide students and professionals with international and interdisciplinary managerial skills in the field of hotel and tourism management, enhance students’ and professionals’ abilities in analysing, synthesising, and applying appropriate managerial decision making in actual business operations, and enhance students behavior, both morally and ethically within international business environments.

SUIC has recently revised the curriculum to collaborate with Vatel International Business School of Hotel and Tourism Management, France, and award an international double-degree to graduates who achieve all the graduation requirements. The programme is offered to both Thai and foreign students, and all courses are conducted in English language.

This programme is an industry-driven curriculum, treating students as future hospitality leaders and placing them at the very heart of the learning process.

Teaching methods include problem-based learning and hospitality management simulation games, where students are able to test their analytical and decision-making abilities in a virtual environment by mirroring realistic business situations.

Accompanying students in this ultimate learning experience is a faculty composed of international scholars and hospitality practitioners, who are highly respected in their field.


•    Management executive in different departments in hotel and tourism business
•    Management executive in the service industries
•    Management executive of public and private companies or organisations related to the tourism and hotel industries e.g. travel agency
•    Lecturer in the field of hotel and tourism management
•    Effective entrepreneurs with international and interdisciplinary managerial skills in creative and innovative hotel and tourism management for sustainable development.


Independent Study (not less than 36 credits)



•    SUIC reserves the rights to change any fees without prior notice
•    Students are responsible for any additional money transfer fees to Silpakorn University’s bank account

New academic year starts every January and August. Please check with SUIC for specific application periods.


  1.  An applicant must complete a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) from an academic institute accredited by Ministry of Education, Royal Thai Government (or has been approved by the SUIC Executive Committee/Board of Graduate Studies);
  2. An applicant must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.75 or obtain a minimum of two (2) years working experience in related field (or has been approved by the SUIC Executive Committee/Board of Graduate Studies).
  1. A completely filled-in and signed application form, which can be downloaded at
  2. A copy of previous education transcript and diploma: Bachelor’s Degree.
  3. A copy of government identification document: Passport (for Non-Thai) or Identification Card (for Thai)
  4. A copy of House’s Registration (for Thai)
  5. A copy of official English language test score (if any)
  6. A “Statement of Purpose” stating the reason to study in the selected program in 1-2 pages of the A-4 size.
  7. A copy of an official English language test score not older than two years from the application date is acceptable as follows: TOEFL (PBT = 500 / CBT = 173 / IBT = 61) or IELTS (5.5). An applicant without the required score must take the SUIC English Proficiency Test.
  8. Pay the application fee of THB 1,200 through one of the following channels:
    – Paid by cash when applying in person
    – Money transfer to Silpakorn University International College account (Please Contact SUIC for bank account information)
Once the required documents have been received, students with the right criteria will be invited to attend an interview and for those who do not have the English language scores must take the SUIC English Proficiency test (Please check for the specific date). If students are unable to attend the interview, then they may be interviewed orally on webcam via SKYPE Video calling. Selected students for the programme will then be notified and a name-list will be displayed on SUIC’s website within 1 to 2 week after interviews.
SUIC will send the letter of acceptance and an official note certifying the purpose of travel in Thai and translated copy in English to the applicant. The student then has to submit both the acceptance letter and all certified documents to the Royal Thai Embassy in their relevant country to ask for a NON-IMMIGRANT STUDENT VISA.
Remark : International students need to renew their visa after the first 90 days and report to immigration every 90 days. 
Students will then be invited to register for the programme with Silpakorn University and pay the first semester’s tuition fees. SUIC staff will help guide you through this process.