Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of studying at SUIC ?
SUIC provides professional international programs at both graduate and post graduate levels. Students can obtain international degrees from prestigious European partners by studying in Bangkok. SUIC also provides international study options or internship experience as part of the programs.
Where is SUIC located ?
SUIC is located in Talingchan a suburb in Western Bangkok. It is located not far from the Grand Palace and Central Pinklao shopping mall. The Digital Communication Design department is in CAT Telecom Building, Charoen Krung Road, Si Phraya, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500.
How do I get there ?
BTS to Bangwa Station and take a taxi or
Private car or taxi please see our campus location in ‘About us’ for directions. There are also many public buses that stop near the university. Buses come en route via Victory Monument, Sanam Luang (Khao San Road), Thonburi and Pinklao. It is also possible to get a river taxi to Pinklao Bridge and then transfer to the campus by either taxi or public bus.
To Bangrak campus: BTS Sathon or Surasak Station and taxi to CAT Teleco, building at Sriphraya, Bangrak
What facilities are nearby ?
Central Pinklao shopping mall, Tesco, Major Cineplex, sports and gym facilities, restaurants and plenty of accommodation
What kind of accommodation is nearby ?

Talingchan and Pinklao have a wide range of accommodation to suit all kinds of tastes and levels of comfort. From luxurious condos to basic studio rooms, SUIC student affairs team will be able to advise you on suitable accommodation that fits your budget and lifestyle. Please also see a recommended list of accommodation in ‘Study at SUIC’ section on the website.


Who should I contact regarding admissions ?
Please check with the website section on admissions for information or contact suicbangkok@yahoo.com
Do I need a portfolio ?
The BFA in Digital Communication Design program will require a set of portfolio of students’ works. Please check with the application process for the program or contact the Digital Communication Design department for more information.
Will I be accepted onto the program ?
If you have the correct entrance criteria, are motivated for the right reasons and demonstrate a positive attitude towards studying on the program, then there is no reason why you should not be accepted. However please note that programs are popular and therefore there will be competition for places.

How can I prepare for the entrance exams and Interview ?

There will be two key elements, your levels of English language and how motivated you are to study on the program .You may be nervous, but remember that teachers are looking for students that are motivated and potentially have the right professional attributes for a successful career ahead. Explaining why you want to study on the program will be essential, including having an idea of your future career aspirations.


Do I have to wear a uniform
Students should be proud to wear a uniform, SU has a rich history and this is reflected in its traditions and customs.
·  For the BBA Hotel Management program, uniform is essential as it prepares students for working in real life hotel operational environments.
·  For the BFA program, normal University regulations apply to wearing a uniform (usually the first year students only).
·  MBA programs, students are expected to wear smart casual clothing.When does the academic year start ?
The academic year starts every August. If there is a winter intake, there may be an opening in January as well. However this is reliant on enrolment numbers.
Is there any form of access to remote learning ?

There is no form of distance learning at the University, however students still have access to learning material online through Moodle and the online library.

How am I assessed ?
Teachers implement a wide variety of assessment criteria and will depend on the learning outcomes of the course. Students can expect anything from traditional exams, group projects, essays and dissertations, to presentations.

What is the attendance policy of the University ?

SU policy states that students must attend at least 80% of a course otherwise they will not be permitted to sit the final exam.
What kind of Degree certificates will I receive ?
All students who pass the program will receive a Silpakorn University Degree which is accredited by the Royal Thai Ministry of Education. For double degree programs, students will also receive internationally accredited degrees from our institutional partners.
Can I transfer credits ?
If the institute is accredited by the Ministry of Education in Thailand, then it is possible to transfer credits, but you will need to send SUIC a copy of your transcript and description of courses studied. SUIC will also need to see the number of credits and hours studied for each course.
How much will I spend on Text Books ?

Each course usually has its own handouts which the teacher has prepared specifically for the course. The textbooks cost is not included in the tuition fee. It could be different up to the students’ desires. It will be beneficial for students to have the supplement with text books. However, most text books are also available in the library to borrow to preview for further reading or purchase.

 Student Life 

Are there any extra curricular activities ?

Yes, there are numerous activities outside of the University and each program has its own student committee that organizes different events, competitions or societies.

 International Students 

Who do I contact for international admissions
Please contact suicbangkok@yahoo.com and your questions will be answered. Please also look at the ‘Online Admission’ section of the website.
What is the cost of living in Thailand ?

A difficult question to answer and again depends on a student’s lifestyle. A basic salary in Thailand can be as low as 6-8,000 baht and people manage to live off this amount. However more realistically in Bangkok the cost of living is higher and will depend on how much you eat in nice restaurants and travel around in taxis. Your main expense will be accommodation as everything else from food and public transportation can be very cheap. Realistically anywhere between 15- 20,000 baht per month should be sufficient though.

Can I learn Thai ?

International students are actually provided a course in Thai language as part of their studies.