The Attachment for Announcement of Silpakorn University International College

List of Successful Candidates for Bachelor Degree Programmes

Academic Semester 3/2019 (Intake 3)

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  • Admission Schedule

1. Admission Schedule

Date Time Venue Remark

28th June 2019


09.00–12.00 Hrs. Silpakorn University International College

8th Floor CAT Telecom Building, Bangrak



(No Refund for Parking Fees)

Enrollment Fees

1. Confirmation Fee:

1.1 B.B.A. THB 47,350

1.2 B.F.A. THB 47,350

2. Intensive course fee per subject : THB 7,500

2.1  English

2.2  French

2.3  Mathematics

2.4  Art & Design

Remarks: In case that students are unable to confirm on mentioned date and time, please inform SUIC by written document by Tuesday 27th June 2019.

2. Conditions Every successful candidate who passes the direct admission requirements with conditions must attend Intensive Courses as assigned. Students who attend intensive courses less than 80% of the total study time and fail the final examination will be disqualified for registration and e nrollment.

  1. Intensive English Course
  2. Intensive French Course
  3. Intensive Mathematics Course
  4. Intensive Art & Design

 3. Payment of Tuition Fees
Applicant may pay the fees at Silpakorn University International College 8th Floor CAT Telecom Building, Bangrak

4. Intensive Day
During 1st – 26th July 2019

5. The First Day of Semester 1/2019
Monday 26th August 2019


Bachelor of Business Administration in Hotel Management

No. Application ID Name Surname Intensive English Intensive French
1 191301 Miss Achima Sayamnikorn French
2 191302 Miss Thanchanok Poolsap English French
3 191303 Miss Thanaporn Sereekul French
4 191304 Miss Back Jin French
5 191306 Miss Pikaporn Rattanatraipop French
6 191308 Miss Sood Shivangi French
7 191309 Mr. Thanaphat Jintanatanyachat French
8 191310 Mr. Nattapath Lohaphantakit French
9 191312 Mr. Chisanupong Muangto English French

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Communication Design

No. Application ID Name Surname Interview Test English Test
1 192301 Miss Shotirat Assavanitchakorn  English Art and Design
2 192303 Miss Thanida Aphiwattanathongchai Art and Design
3 192304 Miss Petcharee Tangteerasampan Art and Design
4 192305 Mr. Sakkanat Laddaglom English Art and Design
5 192307 Miss Krystelle Abbie (Sibua) Cartera Art and Design
6 192308 Miss Shihui Wei Art and Design
7 192309 Mr. Panawat Mahaautsakul English Art and Design
8 192310 Mr. Nopphawat Khlangphakdee English Art and Design

Bachelor of Business Administration in Event and Leisure Marketing

No. Application ID Name Surname Intensive English Intensive


1 196303 Miss Elsa Iman Micheline Deyris Mathematics
2 196304 Mr. Noppasin Thongdee Mathematics
3 196305 Mr. Harit Plubplueng Mathematics
4 196306 Miss Siraya Jirapanathorn Mathematics
5 196307 Mr. Tongthong Teeranon Mathematics

Bachelor of Business Administration in Luxury Brand Management

1 197304 Miss Nutdhsiya Sirivongse Na Ayudhaya English Mathematics
2 197305 Miss Nuchravee Inphonlek Mathematics
3 197306 Mr. Papone Sakulrattanacharoen Mathematics