Announcement of Silpakorn University International College

Direct Admission Requirements for Bachelor’s Programmes

Academic Semester 1/2019 


Silpakorn University International College (SUIC) would like to announce the details on direct admission requirements for academic semester 1/2019. The information can be seen hereunder:

Official Announcement Click here

  1. Bachelor’s Programs
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Hotel Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Event and Leisure Marketing
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Luxury Management
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Communication Design
  1. Qualifications of the Applicants

An applicant must complete a high school level or equivalent (M.6) from an academic institute recognized by the Ministry of Education, Royal Thai Government.

  1. Admission Schedule
  • Application periods and examination schedules: an applicant must sign-in at least 15 minutes before the exam starts.

Admission Schedule for Semester 1/2019
Application Period

-Apply by postal mail

-Apply in person


15th Oct 18–9th Jan 19

15th Oct 18–11th Jan 19


21st Jan – 3rd Apr 19

21st Jan – 5th Apr 19


1st  – 29th May 19

1st  – 31st May 19


3rd Jun – 17th Jul 19

3rd Jun – 19th Jul 19


20th Jul-7th Aug 19

20th Jul-9th Aug 19

Announcement of Applicants Qualified for SUIC English and Interview Admission 18th January 2019

(after 18.00 hr.)

19th Apr 19

(after 18.00 hr.)

7th June 2016

(after 18.00 hr.)

24th Jul 19

(after 18.00 hr.)

13th Aug 19

(after 18.00 hr.)

Interview Admission and SUIC English Proficiency Test  For applicants who do not obtain TOEFL/IELTS/SAT scores as required by SUIC 26th January 19

(09.00 – 15.00 hr.)

27th April 19

(09.00 – 15.00 hr.)

15th Jun 19

(09.00 – 15.00 hr.)

26th Jul 2019

(09.00-15.00 hr.)

14th Aug 19

(09.00-15.00 hr.)

Announcement of Successful Candidates 1st Feb 19

(after 18.00 hr.)

3rd May 19

(after 18.00 hr.)

19th Jun 19

(after 18.00 hr.)

31st Jul 2019

(after 18.00 hr.)

15th Aug 19

(after 18.00 hr.)

Direct Admission Confirmation and Guarantee Fee Payment 13th Feb 19

(at 10.00-11.30 hr.)

8th May 19

(at 10.00-11.30 hr.)

28th Jun 19

(at 09.00-12.00 hr.)

8th Aug 19

(100% of tuition fees)

(at 09.00-12.00 hr.)

16th Aug 19

(100% of tuition fees)

(at 09.00-12.00 hr.)

New Bachelor Student’s Registration 8th – 10th May 19 26th – 28th Jun 19 18th – 19th Jul 19 14th – 16th Aug 19 16th Aug 19
Intensive Course Mon-Fri, 1st – 26th Jul19
Academic Semester 1/2019 Mon, 26th Aug 19

** Update: 31st May 2019

Remark:    Applicants who apply in person can get their ID examination card after application payment. For applicants who apply by post, the ID examination card will be given on the examination day before registration. All applicants can check their ID examination number at 02-639-7521-3 one day prior to the examination day.


  • Required Documents (Certified true copy on every page)

Required Documents (please sign your name on every page) DCD HM / ELM / LBM
1.The application form can be downloaded at  (An applicant shall submit a completely filled-in and signed application form along with supporting documents) Required Required
2.A copy of High school transcript and diploma: M.6 or equivalent such as: GED, IGCSE (A or AS level), IB or NZQA. Required Required
3.A copy of Identification Card (for Thai) / Passport (for Foreigner) Required Required
4.A copy of House’s Registration (for Thai) Required Required
5. 2 (1” or 1.5” size) photos of facing-forward and no sunglasses Required Required
6. CD-Portfolio of 5-7 pieces of art work Required No
7.A copy and original (will be returned after the university record) of an official English language test score not older than two years from the application date is acceptable as follows. The applicant may submit only one of the following test scores:

·TOEFL (PBT = 500 / CBT = 173 / IBT = 61) OR
·IELTS (5.5) OR
·SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) 450

Optional Optional
8.The application fee: The applicant who applies by postal mail shall attach all required documents and a copy of bank deposit slip or a copy of money order mentioning the applicant’s name with the application form THB




Bank Account

Account Name:                 Silpakorn University International College

Account Number:             058-0-39281-3

Bank Name:                       Krungthai Bank (Swift Code: KRTHTHBK)

Branch:                               Bang Khun Non Branch

Bank Address:                   150/28 Bangkhunnont Rd., Bangkhunnont, Bangkok 10700

Tel.:                                     +66 2 435 1893

Application Fee (THB 400)

  • Paid by cash
  • Money Transfer

The applicant who applies by postal mail shall attach required documents and a copy of bank deposit slip or a copy of money order mentioning the applicant’s name with the application form.

Remark : SUIC does not reimburse application fee in any case.

  • Application Submission: an application package can be submitted in person or by postal mail at

Silpakorn University International College (Bangrak)
9th floor, CAT Telecom Building, Charoen Krung Road, Si Phraya, Bangrak, 10500, Bangkok, Thailand

Remark : SUIC accepts only the application forms which has been postmarked by due date.

Announcement of Applicants Qualified for SUIC English Proficiency Test

Applicants can find the details at the website:

Stationery for SUIC English Proficiency Test

An applicant must bring 2B pencils, pens, and an eraser.

Admission and Registration for Students

All successful candidates must confirm their admissions as announced.

First Day of the Semester

The first day of Academic Semester 1/2019 is on Monday 26th August 2019