4th year student’s Thesis exhibition, B.F.A of Digital Communication Design

Silpakorn University International College’s 9th Thesis Exhibition: Hidden in collaboration with Birmingham City University. 

The exhibition will showcase all three areas of Digital Communication Design. Visit our exhibition from Friday 13th – Sunday 15th July 2018 at Siam Center, Atrium 2, 1st Floor, to explore what we have been hiding for 4 years.

The name ‘Hidden’, was inspired by the fact that for four years, we have been working tremendously hard to be where we are today, we have been hiding all our skills and artistry as a designer, illustrator, animator and filmmaker. The right time has come; you will now be able to explore and indulge yourself in ‘our world of digital arts.’

This degree show aims to exhibit our creative talent through various forms of art as well as promoting the ability of our college in producing students to qualified individuals in their area of practice. The exhibition had 3 zones for 3 different majors, including Illustration, Moving Image and Animation and finally, Interactive and Installation. 

Degreeshow 2018_180716_0004
Degreeshow 2018_180716_0001
Degreeshow 2018_180716_0002
Degreeshow 2018_180716_0003
Degreeshow 2018_180716_0005
Degreeshow 2018_180716_0006
Degreeshow 2018_180716_0007
Degreeshow 2018_180716_0008
Degreeshow 2018_180716_0009
Degreeshow 2018_180716_0010
Degreeshow 2018_180716_0011
Degreeshow 2018_180716_0012
Degreeshow 2018_180716_0013
Degreeshow 2018_180716_0014
Degreeshow 2018_180716_0015
Degreeshow 2018_180716_0016
Degreeshow 2018_180716_0017