About SUIC

SUIC believes that an academic programme should be specifically designed to give students the appropriate professional skills that are necessary to cope with the dynamic employment demands of modern society and thereby increasing students’ opportunities of success upon graduation.

Our motto is

A Pillar of SU’s Internationalization’

SUIC’s Mission:

SUIC is part of Silpakorn University, a leading Thai university with a focus on preserving national arts and cultures, and providing high quality international education programmes in business, art and design. With continual improvements in research and education, SUIC supports creative training and academic services, as well as producing professional graduates with the right knowledge and morality for employment in a globalized world.



Asst. Prof. Dr. Sompid Kattiyapikul
Silpakorn University International College


Dr.Sudawadee Chanpiwat
Deputy Dean
For Academic Affairs
Dr.Papangkorn Kongmanwatana
Deputy Dean
For Practicum division
Dr.Nethchanok Riddhagni
Deputy Dean 
For Special Affairs 


Dr. Ariyaporn Nunthiphatprueksa
Assistant Dean
For Academic Affairs
Ms. Nanpaskorn Lumpakorn
Assistant Dean
For Student Affairs 
Dr. Amara Verawat
Assistant Dean
For Student Development 
Dr. Chalermporn Siriwichai
Assistant Dean
For Quality Assurance


B.F.A. Programme



B.B.A.- M.B.A.- Ph.D. Programmes


Academic staff

Undergraduate programmes

Graduate programmes


Administrative staff

IT and Techicial staff


Joining SUIC

SUIC employs both temporary and full-time academic and administrative staff who advocate our mission in international academic standards. Interested an applicants can download application provided here and send along with resume to the address below or email us.
Silpakorn University International College
72 CAT Telecom Tower 8th-9th floor,
Charoen Krung Road, Si Phraya, Bangrak, 10500, Bangkok, Thailand



E-mail: suicfaculty@gmail.com



# Academic Year of 2015 Size
1 Quality Assurance for Higher Education Handbook For Students  383 KB